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GKP Update 18 Placing rumours 0

GKP Update 18 Placing rumours

Whisper  doing the rounds here that GKP are involved in ongoing discussions with Institutional holders. A  placing  is the most likely scenario given the recent SP decline. Investors need to hold their nerve and remember how...

GKP Update 17 0

GKP Update 17

News is doing the rounds here that Fox Davies are upping their target price SIGNIFICANTLY. The numbers being bandied about (depending on who you speak too) range from 225p/300p. The race to see which...

Oil Sector news/Gkp latest 0

Oil Sector news/Gkp latest

Just a quick one here. News doing the rounds here at the moment is to expect a great leap forward within this sector., as the Global crisis fades away for most of the Western...

GKP Update 16. 18

GKP Update 16.

The city and financial institutions  are well aware of the growing disquiet among private investors at the lack lustre performance of GKP post the DGA report. I have spoken to an awful lot of Brokers...

GKP Update DGA report 0

GKP Update DGA report

First let me state that that this post will be in two parts as i feel it is called for that i deal with,, The must vaunted DGA report, contrary to popular myth GKP...

GKP Update to follow 0

GKP Update to follow

Interesting times about to begin here. Shall post ALL the news,views,rumours and whispers. Shortly. WATCH this space important announcement tonight. Daniel

GKP Reuters 4th Jan’ 2010. RNS alert! 0

GKP Reuters 4th Jan’ 2010. RNS alert!

As promised please click on the link below for a report/analysis on GKP that was published by Reuters on the 4th of Jan this year. GULFKEYSTONE London stock exchange/Reuters 4th Jan 2010 Don’t bother...