Spread Betting Conman

There are many, many wolves out there in the investment community claiming to be the bees knees on spread-betting. Web sites, Blogs, Magazines, Online forums, Trading sites. The list is ever changing. Of course most think that they can pull the wool over the eyes of the lowly retail punter. Some self proclaimed fund managers take a chunk of change in kick-backs/commission every time they deal or place a bet/trade in the very funds that their clients are giving them cash to invest in. It’s a nice little earner. A good tip is to check directly with the fund manager. Ask Him/Her if he/she receives commission/kick-backs. You’ll immediately notice a wriggle from them as they try to avoid a direct answer of Yes or No. Always read the small print because the rule of thumb is that by it’s very nature “small-print” is their because they don’t want it read by … read more

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Guerrilla Investing, what is it?