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NIGHTHAWK!  Game Over!


Yes it’s all over at Nighthawk. They are in such a rush to offload their assets (recently they had us all believing that their assets were worth $110 million dollars!) that they’re writing down...

HAIKE Chemical.  Watchlist.

HAIKE Chemical. Watchlist.

I’ve been following Haike for the Last year or so and believe it or not I was going to post an article on them yesterday re’ the recent upbeat trading statement. “Calumny!” I hear...

Encore Oil.. The Watchers!

Encore Oil.. The Watchers!

There’s an awful lot of emails backing up on why we haven’t updated on Encore Oil. Well to be quite frank there’s nothing to update on! You’ll all notice that there’s been nothing of...

Xcite Energy.  Another BIG SPIKE!

Xcite Energy. Another BIG SPIKE!

Yes you’ll all recall the Blogs musings on XCITE some time back predicting a big spike in the sp. It wasn’t difficult to predict given the dearth of quality information currently out there. The...

Petrolatina.  Focus Here!

Petrolatina. Focus Here!

We have been watching Petrolatina here for quite some time. I was especially puzzled at the big drop when they announced their Interims. It seems that some out there based their investment on Colon...

XCITE!   Big Spike!

XCITE! Big Spike!

RE-Posted! Due to the phenomenal success of this rising sp. Eyes on here for tomorrow. Yes you get all the latest breaking news here on the Blog of all Blogs! You’ll all remember Daniel...



Just a quick note for the Blogosphere. News is  being sought here. An RNS ALERT HAS BEEN TRIGGERED ON THIS STOCK By ALL BROKERAGES! It looks like it is going to be very good...

Xcite…. Oil flowing!

Xcite…. Oil flowing!

Great days are here. News circulating that the oil is flowing at the Bentley field, Tanker/s are on site. News is being sought here re’  re-ratings that are rumoured to be under way!