Angus Energy Placing Ahoy! A Cautionary Tale of How ShareProphets Got Suckered.

It really is a shitty market is the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Some companies will go to extraordinary lengths to deceive investors. Worthless asset/s, stripper wells, bogus CPRs, JORC reports, bonanza gold grades, undeclared paid bloggers/podcasters, wild claims of billions of barrels of oil, paid for promotions masquerading as news, paid for analysts notes masquerading as independent research, out-right fraud and wholesale lies, the list is endless, I could literally go on and on ad-infinitum. But one of the most deceitful stunts pulled recently on investors involves Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) Bergen, David Lenigas (Liargas) and that ‘pillar’ of the stocks and shares world on the AIM cesspit the usually, well sourced website ShareProphets.

Weeks ago, I, and Mr Tom Winnifrith wrote that Angus Energy were lining up a placing at 6pish, seeking £2M. That news was put out to protect investors from being shafted. Sadly, after phone calls from Bergen, (who held a not inconsiderable discounted position that they were flipping out to the mug punters) Liargas and God knows who else. Tom W  recanted and backed up the ‘no placing’ narrative.

Tom Winnifrith walked it back coming out with an absolute crock of shit about a meeting 10 days before by a high net worth individual and his broker. As I told TW at the time ‘a total crock of shit’. This was down to a conversation with his Bergen source who assured Mr Tom that there was no such placing, no Siree, Angus weren’t placing and had no intention of placing blah, blah, blah.

What actually happened was this.  On news that the placing cat was out of the bag and the shares were tanking thus imperilling the placing and Bergen’s flipping of their heavily discounted stock, the placing was put on hold and a ‘jackanory’ was fed to Tom, who greedily swallowed it, as one of the characters, wrongly impugned, was Mr Chris Williams, a well-known HNWI who TW has an unhealthy obsession with. Reason went out the window and subjectivity gained dominion.

So, we now fast-forward several weeks and ‘Yours Truly’ takes great pleasure in announcing that the deliberate ‘delayed’ Angus Energy placing is now well underway. Stockdale Securities are running the book and looking for 9p/10p a share from the Mug Punters looking to raise another £2M. The end date for that placing is November 5th. (See Screen shot of Letter in Title Pic).

So, let’s take our hats off to Tom Winnifirth who was suckered into believing ‘No Siree there is No Placing’. Apart from the fact that the ANGS share-price has risen to over 16p and as always mug retail punters have been buying stock at artificially inflated levels in-part helped by Bergen having sold out, Willy Vonky telling porky pies on fantasy oil production and TW swallowing the biggest whopper of 2018 while sanctimoniously announcing that ‘he’d been played’. Well on that we both agree you’ve been played’ well played by Bergen, Liargas, Angus and your own ego. I don’t expect you’ll be man enough to apologise to Chris Williams and his broker who you wrongly accused or take to task your Bergen source who sucker punched you. But on this, you were made a fool of. Now if they’d placed 12 months or even 6 months down the line then you’d be able to claim that you were right and I was wrong. But as you know several weeks isn’t a tenable defence, placings are planned months ahead……

Of course, that’s cold comfort to the mugs who’ve bought over the impending placing place. But hey what the fuck. You can just huff, puff and wriggle away by spouting Trumpism horse shit. The fickle investor always moves on to the next great ramping ‘jackanory’. So two things will now happen on this article. Angus may ‘yet again’ attempt to deceive, pull the placing ‘yet again’. But if they do then expect an even worse Death Spiral with Bergen at below 10p.

Maybe next time a Fat Aussie and or a Death Spiral Financier with a shit load of stock they’re desperate to off-load in a company that’s got fook all cash, fook all oil, fook all production, a history of Tom Peppers with a Chairman who’s been booted off the board for market abuse and wholesale lies on tens of millions of shares gets on the dog & bone telling tall tales you’ll think why is this ‘fooker’ trying to convince me of this? Simple really……





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