Angus Energy Placing & The ShareProphets Bergen 5th Columnist Exposed!

It’s a cesspit is the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and nothing shows it better than the recent Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) Stockdale placing/book build and the lengths these shysters go too, trying to ‘walk it back‘ after it was exposed, in mid-stream. The twists, turns and attempts to down play and deceive the Mug punters here are many and varied.

But one of the most ridiculous is the petulant behaviour of ShareProphets & Tom Winnifrith, who know full well that the Company are running on fumes, have to Place, regularly deceive the market with bogus BOPD claims, breach planning and lie about it, know there’s zippo oil production ergo no revenue, know the Chairman was booted for a dodgy loan note/share-dealing scam, by the AIM Team, know that Liargas is himself ramping to fook as he sells out pre-placing! Know that Bergen need to keep the SP up, so they can continue to flip out their discounted shares etc. There’s much more that I could list, as those who follow and read my epistles know, but time isn’t on my side today I have real work to do. The Hyde Haunted House (HHH) calls… The renovation is at a critical point.

So let’s cut to the chase. Tom has based his whole back-tracking on the Stockdale book building and his ridiculous claims of market abuse by Chris (Oil) Williams and his Broker, on a source who he believes credible. That person is about as credible as the often quoted £350M NHS Brexit lie and about as independent and honest as Tommy Robinson.

Come on down a chap called Petre Norton. Mr Norton is the source who briefed Tom that there was no Placing, that Mr Oil & his broker were telling ‘porky pies’ and were trying to buy stock at 6p in a meeting with Bergen and they were now ‘at the bollox‘. Norton works for Bergen. What he told TW is total horseshit to protect the Bergen share flipping operation. I know this because it was Mr Norton who made the introduction of Mr Williams to Eugene Tablis the USA based Chief Investment Officer. That introduction resulted in a conference call over two weeks ago for an off-market negotiation. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Angus placing. Those seeking to deceive and muddy the placing waters have concocted a crock of shit that poor Tom has swallowed. Those at the CC never offered 6p to buy Bergen’s’ stock. They were told the price was 9p. They made NO OFFER. Indeed, the UK Broker came into the CC at the end of the call, he was late. For Winnifrith to greedily swallow this turd, is down to one thing and one thing only. His loathing of all things Mr Oil. The market abuse here is Bergen telling TW lies and TW running with those lies, which helps Bergen off-load their stock to the Mugs before the Placing drops. Mugs left with worthless confetti and Bergen probably reloading up with yet more discounted stock on the inevitable raise that’s been held back.

TW is now saying that I ‘lied’ he never said ‘Team Oil‘ were buying the loan note in his podcast. Well not having access to said podcast I presumed he did. I presumed that because TW told me on the phone that ‘Team Oil’ were buying the loan note. I’m happy to concede that moot point.

The problem with Tom is that his arrogance doesn’t allow him to be rationale even when confronted with over-whelming proof. He comes up with a ‘Donald Trump’. I didn’t say it in the podcast so you’re wrong, you’re a big fat liar blah! Blah! Blah!! :). I told TW I’d listened to the recording of the CC and that there’s no Offer to buy shares. (I spoke to those in the CC all also confirmed No offer was made) TWs’ response:  ‘He must have taped another call’. The red mist of hatred for Mr Oil bars the truth! That is about par for the course when you deal with TW on a point where he’s fooked up! ‘Trumpism denial’.

And when that Placing drops, and drop it will, folks can expect yet ever more TW ‘Trumpism’. Tick! Tock!






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