Angus Energy, Bergen, Liargas & The Dirty Tricks That Fooled ShareProphets! Placing Ahoy!

Oh ‘what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive’ I can think of no better pithy saying to describe recent events revolving round the wholesale lies and fraud being perpetrated on the gullible mug punters currently running on full denial on all things Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) and everything that has the sticky chocolate, fingerprints of David Lenigas, that veritable man of honour known by the endearing term ‘Liargas‘, feeding the AIM world of micro-cap traders more bullshit than a Kalgoorlie stock farm.

Last week I exposed on twitter that Angus were lining up yet another placing. Now my sources on this are 100%. What transpired was a full on denial by Liargas, (taken up by the ramping hoards) and call/s from ‘others’ (probably Bergen) to our ‘Tom’, who himself had mentioned a placing and ripped Angus to pieces re the dodgy so called ‘loan note’ that beleaguered J Tideswell had come a ‘Roy Cropper‘ on when it was discovered by the AIM Regulation team that  the Chairman (JT) had been rather naughty with the ‘Actualite’ and secretly gave his 39M shares to some cowboy outfit in the good old USA for a ‘Potential Loan‘ when in actual fact the shares had been and were being sold into the market. Any way JT was kicked off the Board of Angus not by the Board but by the Nomad on the instruction of the AIM Team. Said Nomad presently resigned and in came Stockdale Securities as Nomad and Broker etc. Just one of the scandals that perpetually emanate from ‘team’ ANGS.

Old Mother Hubbard…. There’s nothing in the Angus Cupboard. Placing!

Now here’s where you have to pay attention. On Friday last week Tom Winnifrith & ShareProphets released a Bearcast in that B’cast Tom states that he had been fooled, there was no Placing, Tom ‘walked it back’, even though he knows that their cash position is terminal and that a placing is as likely as snow in the Artic. Well the news for Tom is that I agree, he has been deceived but not by the way, or people he castigates on his B’cast. He’s been deceived by either Bergen or Liargas or both, who quickly contacted him to deny a placing and came up with a real corker of a ‘Jackanory’. Apparently there was a ‘meeting’ with Bergen, a Broker & his HNWI client where they tried to buy the Bergen convertible loan note and these two city boys spread the false rumour of a 6p placing, because they couldn’t buy the loan note etc. TW quickly rushed out the news, which gave added impetus to the BB Morons who, as sharp as a stone, went into frenzy mode screaming ‘no placing’.

Tom Winnifrith has been played like a schoolboy and fell for either the Bergen or Liargas or both, ‘muddying of the placing waters’. How do I know that? I have a Whistle Blower email address, that’s usually given to my contacts and low and behold guess what dropped yesterday. A whole shitload of Bergen emails, specifically on the above subject. Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s crystal clear that there was no meeting between a broker & his client with Bergen. At no time whatsoever was there a meeting with the two individuals that Bergen or Liargas told TW. Just as there was no attempt to buy the ‘loan note‘, which doesn’t exist because it was converted early August! That fact in itself should have been enough for ShareProphets to realise that they were being spoon fed horseshit.

What there was, was a conference call circa two weeks ago regarding an off-market transaction for Bergen held ANGS shares (The UK team were willing to buy a minimum £200k of Bergen held shares) with not two but three people from the UK. (the Broker, the Advisor & the HNWI). The conference call was with Bergen USA, Chief Investment Officer at 2.30pm UK time. At no time during that CC was there any mention of buying a ‘loan note’, or an offer of 6p per share. The Bergen CIO tried to float a 9p per share price when the SP was 7.5p. The UK team quickly killed off their interest. Now, the above is 100% crystal clear in the Bergen USA Emails. They specifically state that the HNWI is seeking to buy a minimum of £200K of shares. I’ve also confirmed all of the above via direct contact with the UK Team. Something TW should have done……

Typical Of The Ramping. ABSOLUTE HORSESHIT!

So, maybe whoever it was that told TW of this supposed loan note purchase, that wasn’t and the dastardly tricks these two, who were actually three, that met, but never met, that offered 6p but never offered 6p, can clarify the emails and their contents I now hold, is he or she, calling their USA Chief Investment Officer a liar? What we have here is a failure to communicate the truth by those who seek to deceive gullible traders, while themselves, such as Bergen and the fat Aussie liar, sell out their cheapo stock before the placing drops.

Here’s what’s happened, the corporates have panicked on the expose of the Placing and in-order to deflect away from it, walk it back and re-ramp up the SP, to continue selling have used an innocuous meeting for an off-market trade to deceive and portray those in that meeting as the spreaders of false information. That meeting has got nothing whatsoever to do with the Angus Energy Placing. It’s a ‘Red Herring’. It took place circa 2 weeks ago!

The Facts

Three City sources last week, involved directly with bucket shop Brokers, as well as several High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), confirmed to me separately that they had been approached re an ANGS placing, although none of them had been made inside or received the obligatory MAR letter that makes them inside. The cash position of Angus is dire. Debts are mounting up. The Chairman has been booted for market abuse using his own shares. Production has been aggressively overplayed. We’ve had wild claims of 1200bopd, 400bopd, 212bopd. Actual production is circa 20bopd. Ten tankers every day for ten years leaving Lidsey/Brockham laden with black gold. The Nomad has resigned. The Company are investigating their Chairman. Planning has been breached and lied about. And at each turn, people like Liargas and the hoards who have a symbiotic parasitical relationship with Liargas have been ramping while selling into the rise. A wise man builds his on the rock, the fool builds it on the sand.

There are many more facts, such as the bullshit NEX Bonds that never ever came to the rescue but allowed the bullshitters to lie through their teeth re finances, then sting the mugs with placing after placing. Angus Energy does not produce oil! It produces CONFETTI Shares. It’s a lifestyle company. It survives on Placings.

There has been more oil used in transportation and setting up Lidsey/Brockham with on-going workovers/site works/security/gas/fuel/electricity/diesel etc Then there will ever be produced….. As for the Kimmeridge clay baloney, one simple geological fact kills it stone dead. Oil does not flow through clay. (Just as the truth does not flow through a rampers brain). Apart from the fact that the British Geological Survey states unequivocally that there’s 11 million barrels of recoverable oil in the whole of the Weald Basin. Do you really believe that every major global oil company have drilled the Weald and missed billions upon billions of barrels of oil? As for Stockdale, the new broker’ they’ve recently ran a roadshow to promote ANGS as well as built up the list for the ‘Slapdash’ placing. Now they may delay it because it’s out, but one thing is factual, Angus Energy are placing. And they will place again and again ad infinitum.

If they want to dismiss my contention there’s a simple solution. RNS that they are not seeking a placing, have no intention to place and are fully funded into 2019. That won’t happen because they have been touting a Placing, are Placing and are not fully funded.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m the 2017 ADVFN International Financial Blogger, twice over. And hated and feared by the likes of LifeStyle companies and the Fat Aussie Share Ramper who was himself booted off AIM for? Telling wholesale porky pies 🙂










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7 Responses

  1. David says:

    Well done again Dan we need more like you too many small punters are getting the old heave ho while the authorities are purposely impotent.

  2. StevieG says:

    It’s obvious that Winnie has been caught napping. Dereliction of duty from SP. of course Angus are raising cash. They’ve got no production and have to finance a flow test in two weeks.

  3. Buzz says:

    For similar reasons I sold my Ukog holding and will let others take the strain until HH flow rate is confirmed. I speak no evil of Angs or Ukog but prefer to bank my cash and wait. New oils may produce good returns but also tears. There are to many blatantly stock ramping whilst blocking those who raise questions. The downward spirals lock-in investors. If you hold you are very brave or foolish!

  4. Jax says:

    Oil does not flow through clay correct!

    But it does flow through naturally fractured clays.


    • Dan Levi says:

      Natural fractures occur in every strata of geology. The basic principle ‘oil doesn’t flow through clay’ doesn’t change because there’s natural fracturing. You can drill into the barnet shale without a frac and residual oil will flow. Then it stops. Completely uneconomic.

  5. Zeaster says:

    Enjoyed this Daniel. Tidswell gets caught by shareprophets in a corrupt share transaction and they then come out with tripe defending Angus. Makes me think there’s been a mucho gratis sneaky promise of some kind.

  6. Adrian says:

    Talking of lying dog oil companies that only produce confetti, Andalas inflated the best prospective oil resource figures in its Bunga Mas RNS by over 100% compared to the CPR you put a link to on your site.