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Exposed Tom Winnifrith. Going to Jail?

I accuse that well known financial Journalist Tom Winnifrith, shareProphets of wholesale fraud, blackmail, tax evasion and market abuse the hypocrisy charge being incidental but never the less indicative of the deceits and charges  Winnifrith...


Sefton Resources. We have a new way forward.

Sefton Resources today announced that 10.2% of the Company, 485,750,000 shares are held by Daniel Levi Associates, a partnership between Daniel Levi and Christopher Williams, aka @chrisoil. You can read the RNS announcement HERE There’s...


Sefton Resources. The new way forward.

Statement The SaveSure Consortium & Mr Daniel Levi Sefton Resources Inc. During the course of 2014 the SaveSure Consortium (Consortium) has monitored & tracked unfolding events at Sefton Resources Inc. (LON: SER). The aim of the Consortium was...