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Mosman Oil & Gas. “Discoveries?”

  There’s been such a fantastic rise in the MSMN share-price so it’s with  a sad heart that I piss all over it. There are just too many unanswered questions which Mosman Oil &...

The Smallcapcap Oil & Gas round Up. 0

The Smallcapcap Oil & Gas round Up.

Busy week for me personally next week. We head back to the Royal Courts of Justice. Watch this space. Great on-going story developing. Eland Oil & Gas (LON: ELA) An oil & gas development...


Vialogy. I’m in for a spin!

As a general rule of thumb we here at the world’s most infamous, libellous blog don’t usually cover stocks outside of the oil & gas/mining sectors. So it should be a surprise to learn...