Horse Hill & The Gatwick Gusher. News imminent…

ADVFN BLOGGERMake no mistake the very fact that oil is flowing on test has severely dented and bruised the egos of many journalists, certain online bloggers and the usual troll pump & dump Lenigas haters. The #Redfaces are now #VoltFaces.  Great to see them squirming like the worms they are. Apologies too the worms.

It’s been a fantastic few weeks or so for the Horse Hill runners and riders. Whispers/news have reached the Blog that a Major Oil player/s were on site some time last week. As to who that was we do not as yet know. But the moment we find out we will publish their name/s.  Tankers have been seen rolling in and out of the site at various times since their first announcement on 17th Feb 2016. So we know it’s game on.

Remember never base your plays on what you read on twitter or obscure websites. (Including this one). Get out and about. Build your contacts and sources while educating yourself as to how resource plays pan out. Keep your eye on the balance sheet. Simple rule. If you can’t read a balance sheet then take a crash course. The fundamental’s are key. Knowledge is the source of all wealth. Understanding what is going on behind the scenes can be extrapolated by using as many sources and ideas as you can find. As for the official Nomad system. Take a tip from me. Never trust a Nomad. They tell lots of lies. And remember; ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.’ Cash is king.

Regency Mines (LON: RGM) sold out their 5% amid rancour over just what was lying underneath the weald. The #GatwickGusher epithet coined to deride the play, has come back to haunt them. Interesting to note that they’ve now bought back in. Andrew Bell has at last finally got some thing right for his shareholders. Not a fan of CalamityBell who seems to think everyone is beneath him.  However on this one he spotted an opportunity and regardless of the flack he must have known he would get. He took the plunge. It’s just business and on his part a smart piece of business that has trebled the RGM share price. So credit where credit is due. Caveat here is that the word ‘placing’ somewhere over the next few weeks/month or so will surface, whatever happens RGM will place as will most of the Horse Hill players. Common sense.

The next update is in the proverbial pipeline. As previously announced, once the Lower Kimmeridge testing is completed. Phase 2 and Phase 3 operations will move to the shallower Upper Kimmeridge limestone and Portland sandstone zones. So my guess is that news will come this week. Just how good that news is going to be is for you and me to find out. If the oil currently being tested increases and or we get oil on flow from the upper Kimmerridge and Portland then it’s going to get very interesting. My opinion is that the collective bopd could increase exponentially from where it is or was currently on flow test. Let’s call it a BMD hunch.


All to play for.





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