Horse Hill. Oil flowing. Red Faces Squirming!

ADVFN BLOGGERThere’s a lot of redfaces this morning regarding the oil flowing at Horse Hill. Certain people must be choking on their pizzas. Can’t help laughing at poor Andrew Bell or ‘CalamityBell’ as the City call him. Of course they’ll all be hastily doing what they do best and trying to back-track and deflect away from how they got it so, so wrong on the Gatwick Gusher. Expect a plethora of childish blogs and tweets from the usual suspects.

The companies involved have just announced their first flow test results have significantly beat expectations. Oil has been flowing at ‘instantaneous rates in excess of 700 barrels per day using a 1-inch choke, in an approximate mix of 50:50 oil to water. The well was then choked back to 32/64 inches resulting in a steady early oil rate in excess of 463 barrels of oil per day over a further 7.3-hour period, in an approximate mix of over 99% oil and less than 1% water.’

The Lower Kimmeridge flow test is now continuing from  0700am this morning following an overnight shut-in from 1900 Monday. Upon completion, Phase 2 and Phase 3 operations will move to the shallower Upper Kimmeridge limestone and Portland sandstone zones at approximately 840 and 615 metres below ground level, respectively.

BrIYEPAIQAA4MNNSo just how significant is todays news? Well apart from giving wankers like Andrew Critchlow a major kick in the balls, as well as the online trolls and certain individuals who have been conducting a witch hunt on Dave Lenigas, it is very significant.

No 10 Downing St significant. Of course Critchlow was the arrogant ex-guardsman officer and now ex-Telegraph journo who wrote so much subjective, vindictive shite on Horse Hill just because he took a personal dislike to the brash Aussie David Lenigas, he must be feeling an utter fool this morning. It is also ‘significant’ that the oil is flowing unaided from the Lower Kimmeridge limestone within the Weald basin. This is proof that major quantities of moveable oil exist within the Kimmeridge section of the well and can be brought to surface at excellent flow rates via horizontal drilling. It’s only going to get better at Horse Hill. Do not think this result is down to David Lenigas. The real star here is one Mr. Steve Sanderson, Executive Chairman of UKOG. He’s the brains behind the operation. Or as we call him “Stevio”

Keep them on your watch-lists.





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