Houston they have a problem! ShareProphets editor/owner crowned ‘Biggest Stock Market Villain of 2015’.

Read all about it. 2015 London Villain as voted by YOU!

Read all about it! London Villain exposed!

It’s official the results of who YOU think was the ‘biggest stock market villain of 2015′ have been counted. BMD has asked me to write it up. On the grounds that impartiality has to be maintained. Also Dan’ in the vote.

Commiserations to the self anointed ‘Sheriff of Aim’, Tom Winnifrith, who voters have given a good kicking too, with over 5 times more votes than his nearest rival for the title, Rob Terry. The number of votes cast were as follows:

Poll Results

Who was the biggest stock market villain of 2015

Answer Votes Percent
1st… Hypocrite Tom Winnifrith 314 59.58%  
2nd… Quindells’ Rob (ber) Terry 43 8.16%  
3rd… Costis from Globo 30 5.69%  
4th… ‘Genius’ Chris Oil 29 5.5%  
5th… Who ate all the pies, David Lenigas 24 4.55%  
6th… Tosser Marcus Stuttard Aim Regulaion 23 4.36%  
7th… The entire board of New World Oil & Gas 22 4.17%  
8th… X Bank Robber Daniel Levi a.k.a BMD 21 3.98%  
9th… Canace Wong PR to China Aim Listed Comps 8 1.52%  
10…  Aussie whiner Peter Landau 5 0.95%  
11th.. Houyan Lin of Naibu 3 0.57%  
12th.. Peter Shea of Daniel Stewart 2 0.38%  
12th.. Vince Cable for attacking quindell fraudbusters 2 0.38%  
14th.. Nomad. Roland Cornish (Pasty) 1 0.19%  

Votes were cast 527. I duly announce that the winner crowned as the biggest stock market villain of 2015 is Sheriff Tom, as voted by you the online investing community.


It’s interesting extrapolating the voting figures. Nomad Roland Cornish demonised by shareprophets over a considerable period of time received 1 vote. Which clearly indicates that no one believes a word that shareProphets wrote about him. David Lenigas came 5th with 24 votes while Chris Oil got more than big Dave polling 29 votes. Rob Terry came 2nd with 43 votes.

Do I believe that Winnifrith is the bigger villain than Rob Terry? NO. What is crystal clear is that the abusive style of shareProphets has received a huge thumbs down from investors/readers whose opinion is that the sheriff is more of an abusive cowboy and a bigger villain than those he attacks. Attacks that are in some cases wholly unjustified and borne of spite and jealousy.  Hypocrites’ have no integrity. Let that be a lesson to the lipservice manipulators of freespeech. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

We shall be catching up with TW for the presentation of his trophy.



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