Horse Hill site visit CANCELLED.

I have had some communication over the weekend from Angus Energy postponing my site visit to the Horse Hill drill site for a couple of days (48 hours). Sadly this basically kibosh’s  any immediate visit by Guerillinvesting. So I have cancelled the visit. I have been trying to work a way around this but to no avail.

I have flights booked, which have already been altered once from the first re-arrangement.  Sadly I am not prepared to re-arrange these flights yet again. I am not made of money. (Yet)

Some of you may be aware that I  will, in 48 hours, be on a plane flying to the Greek island of Corfu for some much needed R & R and a spot of business (property). I intend to stay for 10-14 days depending on how other matters proceed.

There’s obviously delays on site at HH. To the best of my knowledge I believe that these are not major. The last I heard was that the weather (rain) had caused some issues with saturated clay. Wet clay can make the going tough. JT has  confirmed this stating; it’s been so wet we’re having to shut things down for a few days and will not be able to get done what is needed for primary hole for a few days at least< sic> Sorry to muck you about like this.So there you go straight from the Horse’s (Hill) mouth. We have to accept that these things happen and take them with good grace. Angus Energy & JT have bent over backwards and I can’t praise them enough.  (It’s a pisser but such is the way of oil exploration)

If I get the call from UKOG/Angus then I will seriously look at hopping back on a flight to do the interview/site visit, especially if the rig is there. I can fly straight into Gatwick get the shots/info/interview then fly straight back to Corfu.

I will of course be communing with you all via my Blog/chat site, twitter and email.

Halfway out the door. Rucksack on the back



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